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Daft Punk Remezcla A Franz Ferdinand
Lunes 23 de septiembre del 2013

El dúo francés Daft Punk realizó un cover del hit de Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out”. “Siempre me ha gustado ser remezclado, me fascina lo que la gente puede hacer con una canción”, dijo Alex Kapranos, líder de la banda escocesa.

“A veces lo que te llega de vuelta es completamente irreconocible, y en otras ocasiones te sorprende porque el resultado final es demasiado idéntico. Ellos han reforzado algunas partes y extendido otras, pero imagino un leve movimiento de cabeza de los chicos de Daft Punk diciendo 'mm.. lo tienes más o menos bien'", completó el vocalista.

Tags: Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out

Enviado por Anónimo el Viernes 25 de noviembre del 2016
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Enviado por Anónimo el Martes 23 de agosto del 2016
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Enviado por Anónimo el Lunes 25 de julio del 2016
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Enviado por Anónimo el Lunes 25 de julio del 2016
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Enviado por Anónimo el Sábado 23 de julio del 2016
Never would have thunk I would find this so insbependails.

Enviado por Anónimo el Jueves 17 de septiembre del 2015
I can see where you are coming from but let me say a few thgins 1. Daft Punk is cashing in on this versus what they have probably been making on record sales SO good for them. Music as a business, I commend them for that. Most 'indie artists' do not know what the heck they are doing when it comes to making a commodity out of their work and that's why they still live in their parent's basement (forgive me if that means any of you may this be motivation in it's point). 2. Watching an entire movie where it's score is all freak out retro dance music would hurt my head it has to be cinematic with orchestral arrangements etc to fit the mood. I personally think that Daft Punk has done a great job at doing the traditional soundtrack arrangement but throwing in their love with some dirty analog synthesizers here and there. 3. Publicity stunt by Disney? I hardly doubt that. If that was the case they would be better off using Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift to score the movie if they wanted publicity. 4. I do not see this as Daft Punk quitting the disco-electro music, it's merely a supplement to their catalog of work through the years. As a commissioned piece of work in the context of the client and movie I think they have done a great job. Lastly, to me this is really a SCORE and not a SOUNDTRACK. The difference being that soundtracks contain singles from artists that were generally already written and published without the film in mind and are used for brief moments a good example of this is Garden State, Lost in Translation, Darjeeling Limited etc. A score accompanies the film and is composed and written specifically for the film and for specific scenes which I think is what this really is.

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